About Us


Who We Are

Weather Modification, Inc., is a global atmospheric sciences company committed to continued advances in the field of weather modification. Whether it’s identifying the potential benefits of cloud seeding or monitoring air quality, we are dedicated to providing sound, scientific atmospheric solutions.

Nearly 50 Years of Expertise in Atmospheric Sciences

Weather Modification Inc., was founded in 1961, in the small town of Bowman, ND. Bowman is located in an area of the state where the average rainfall is near desert amounts and hail is common. In order to preserve the livelihood of the agricultural community, two pilots/farmers decided to enter the forefront of weather modification.

Our tradition of leadership and innovation continues to direct our future. What started as two aircraft and two pilots has grown to nearly 40 aircraft and more than 100 team members. We continue to expand our services and products to meet emerging client needs. Over the last fifteen years, WMI has broadened its service offerings to include environmental monitoring and expanded atmospheric assessment and evaluation.

Core values of quality, reliability, and innovation provide the framework for Weather Modification, Inc., These values, and our ever-changing planet, will continue to direct our team of scientists, meteorologists, electronics technicians, pilots, and maintenance engineers.