Cloud Seeding

Ground-Based Cloud Seeding

Solutions for the Ground

There are times when it's beneficial to seed from the ground. For example, ground seeding is an excellent option for the treatment of low-level clouds over complex terrain.

In some cases, seeding from fixed locations is acceptable; in others, mobility is needed.

Exclusive Ground Seeding Solutions from Weather Modification, Inc.

Weather Modification, Inc., offers specially designed and manufactured solutions to meet the specific challenges of ground-based cloud seeding. Both incorporate the latest in ground-based pyrotechnic applications, and are self-contained. When controlled via satellite, they can be sited virtually anywhere. When weather at the seeding location is critical, complete meteorological stations can be co-located with both fixed and mobile ground-based units:

Ground-Based Seeding Generator

There are two types of ground-based generators: Remote Controlled Ground-Based Generators and Manual Ground-Based Generators. These solution-burning ice nuclei generators are most often used to seed orographic clouds in areas of rugged topography.

Remote Controlled Ground-Based Seeding Generators

The remote system utilizes a communication link, such as Iridium. The method of communication is determined by the location, and the data link is integrated with the microprocessor for complete remote control.

A centrally located computer provides real-time control of the system, including access to system status and weather station data. This rugged system is designed to withstand the extremes of any storm system that may pass over the site. They are constructed to function even in extreme rime icing and operate under the most demanding of weather conditions.

Manual Ground-Based Seeding Generators

The manual system is similar to the remote system, except there is no need for communication link, microprocessor or weather data collection equipment. The relatively simple task of operating the valves and switches is performed onsite.

Ground-Based Flare Tree

Cost-effective, simple to maintain and easy to install, the ground-based flare tree, or GBFT, comes in two versions to accommodate different flare types: glaciogenic (108 flares) and hygroscopic (60 flares). All designs offer remote, real-time control of the system, utilizing cellular/satellite technology in conjunction with microprocessor technology.

A single, user-friendly graphical user interface enables communication with all of your GBFTs and provides additional useful features:

  • Locally save detailed logs
  • Receive and monitor real-time status
  • Gain fully automated system control of the system.