Cloud Seeding

Aerial Cloud Seeding

To the Clouds

Aerial cloud seeding is the process of delivering a seeding agent by aircraft - either at the cloud base or cloud top. Top seeding allows for direct injection of the seeding agent into the supercooled cloud top. Base seeding is the release of the seeding agent in the updraft of a cloud base.

Typically, aerial cloud seeding is the most effective way to accurately target a particular cloud because it allows for close proximity to the potential cloud candidates.

Available Cloud Seeding Equipment

Weather Modification, Inc. manufactures a variety of cloud seeding equipment. We complete FAA-approved installations of seeding equipment, emphasizing functionality, safety, reliability, and ease of use. Aerial cloud seeding equipment includes:

Selecting Aircraft for Aerial Cloud Seeding

The type of seeding method, whether it's cloud top seeding or cloud base seeding, and the type of measurements required often determine the model of aircraft used for the mission. Weather Modification, Inc. has several types of aircraft available with a wide range of capabilities and cabin capacities. We can also provide operation and maintenance expertise.

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